If you have been in business for any amount of time, you already know that most solutions to your questions are simple. The most confusing question might be why do you need a turnaround consultant? The challenge is often that in our roles we suffer from tunnel vision. That is exactly why a skipper on a racing yacht has a tactician - to find the alternative, more beneficial route from A to B. The really good news is we never take longer than 65 hours to do it! Is it possible for a turnaround consultant to do the job in 65 hours? It is our guarantee!

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Our experience is broad, our focus is sharp - we show you how to improve shareholder value.

Looking out for you
Some refer to us as a shadow CEO, but we prefer the term tactician. The bottom line is you know where you want to go to, but the path may not be clear. Our role as Turnaround Consultants is to draw on our many experiences to direct you to a stiffer breeze to help you fill the sails and get to Point B quicker.
The clock is ticking
To do nothing is to simply erode value in your company. As a turnaround consultant of sorts we are held to the same standard. We do not waste time. That is why none of our contracts will exceed 65 hours. We know we can get you on track with our advice. It is up to you to execute.
getting results
In our businesses, only one thing matters - results. Action goes part way but results are what your investors are looking for. If you company is stalled, in what you perceive to be a crisis or otherwise lacking direction, then it is time to engage the 65 Hour Turnaround team.

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Turnaround Consultants

Meet the people that are going to take your shareholder value to the next level.

Andre Voskuil

Andre Voskuil


Andre Voskuil leads the team and specialises in shareholder value strategies. With his background as one of Europe's largest commodity traders and a wealth of experience in corporate leadership, Andre assists you in making on the ground, smart decisions.

      Mark Jennings-Bates

      Mark Jennings-Bates

      Digital and Marketing Tactician

      An entrepreneur since 11 years old, Mark shares his experience in a digital format. As a motivational keynote speaker and trainer, Mark runs the 65hr Turnaround's online content for the 65 hour University.

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