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Shareholder Value consulting

Creating shareholder value is what we have always done best and, well, here we grow again.

After years of research and months of MasterMinding – here are the results: The 65hr Turnaround Team

We always knew that our value was in helping businesses which, for one reason or another were not moving forward. Our vast experience and creativity has allowed us to remove some of the biggest log jams and improve shareholder value for many businesses. For this reason, we hear terms around our office like, magician, miracle worker. It is almost common place.

shareholder valueDo we make mistakes? Of course, that is why our experience is so important. You can learn from our mistakes.

What we are not able to control is implementation of tactics and strategy and for that reason we have capped our consulting gigs to 65 hours. In our experience, when a company is struggling to create strategies and tactics to enhance shareholder value, the course of action can be quite obvious to us.

Our view from a slightly higher altitude is vastly different. That is why the tactician is the guy that climbs the mast, the guy that used to go to the Crow’s Nest. That is our home territory.

What we have found in the past is a long consulting gig turns in to a job, we are removed from the Crow’s Nest and before too long the leadership of the company is questioning why they are not moving forward!

So here we go – all our work will be capped at 65 hours. That means the pressure is on us initially before we hand the torch to you. No big reports, no rambling academic exercise, just solid, on the ground strategies for you to implement.

Watch out for our videos and blogs, you can even subscribe to our RSS feed on the home page

In the mean time, we look forward to getting to know you better and helping you improve shareholder value.

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