Turnaround Consultants | What do they do?

So what is a Turnaround Consultant?

A Turnaround Consultant is an individual or group that has a special and rather unique skillset to assist and support the CEO in their role and specifically at a point where their crystal ball has become a little cloudy.

The evolution of the role of the CEO is rather complex. What initially starts as an exciting vision to redefine a product or service, innovate a unique solution or just do a job better puts the CEO in a very entrepreneurial role.

turnaround consultantSoon after that however the role morphs in to one more akin to cat herding. The CEO naturally creates success and fulfills the role of the COO by keeping all the balls in the air. This is a classic place for the ambitious CEO to become a little stuck.

The savvy Turnaround Consultant will have a very diverse experience across many corporate sectors, be in tune with the role of the CEO, understand how to support and not railroad the CEO and have substantial deal flow in their own office to ensure they are practised at seeing the future as clearly as possible.

The success of the consulting contracts falls in the hands of the CEO, as it should.

In many instances, the turnaround consultant might be seen as a “magician” of sorts, simply bringing a refreshing perspective to the executive management table or providing personal mentorship for someone who is in relatively new territory. Either way, at the 65hr Turnaround Team, the fundamental principle in all of our contracts is that we do know where to go and we won’t take long to show you.

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